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Hello everyone,

My name is Cody Kellogg and I’m the summer intern at RICE. I was born and raised in Phoenix, went to ASU for my undergrad and am currently studying for my master’s at Thunderbird school of Global Management. My goal is to pursue a career in the Department of State as a foreign service officer and work in the embassies overseas.

I chose to intern with RICE for many reasons but the work they do for Refugees, for Immigrants and the community is so hands on and personal that I felt like I could make a lasting impact in the few months of summer that I’ll be here.

I’m going on my third week and I’m really learning the ins & outs of not only what the organization does and their mission, but also what happens behind the scenes and how to successfully run and manage an organization that aspires to do so much and has taken on a very important and needed task. The conversations and meetings with government entities, grant writing, building partnerships, the financials and simple housekeeping tasks like updating computers with the proper software is real world experience and eye opening to the challenges and duties required to be successful.

I highly suggest to anyone at Thunderbird who wants to get their hands dirty and make a positive impact not only for the community but work on lasting projects for a great organization, to apply for an internship at RICE. The skills and experiences you’ll learn here will help guide you in any career you choose, global or domestic, private or public, for profit or non-profit.

Thank you everyone.

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