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Get to know RICE

Our Story

At the Refugee and Immigrant Community Empowerment (RICE), our purpose is clear: to bridge the gaps left after the initial 90-day resettlement period for refugees, asylees, and immigrants in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We’re a community-based, non-profit organization committed to making a lasting impact.

Our Global
!RICE Team

Our leadership team comprises passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning continents and cultures. Together, we work directly with local partners to strengthen social services, advocate for change, and prevent unnecessary hardships for immigrants and refugees.

Advocacy and Education

Through dialogue, awareness campaigns, and educational initiatives, we empower our community members. We believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking new opportunities. By advocating for their rights and promoting education, we integrate refugees and immigrants back into society.

Our Mission

To aid refugees and immigrants in becoming self-sufficient and contributing members of our community. We achieve this by creating resources and opportunities for training and education, preparing them for meaningful employment.

Our Vision

We envision a community where refugees and immigrants thrive economically and culturally. They retain their cultural identity while actively contributing to the economic growth of our shared home.


Overcome Challenges: We provide services that help refugees and immigrants overcome challenges and barriers.

Productive Integration: We support their journey toward becoming productive members of society.

Join Our Journey: Connect with us on social media or visit our website to learn more about how we’re making a difference. Together, let’s build a stronger, more inclusive community.