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I began working as an intern for the Refugees and Immigrants Community for Empowerment in November of 2021. During my time at RICE, I worked closely with the Executive Director. I was able to get involved with various projects that directly impacted the refugee community. For instance, I aided and planned the Arizona Refugee Advocacy Week. I was a member of the planning committee and a team leader. Through my involvement in this, I directed a group to meet with legislators in the Arizona government and advocate for legislative decisions that benefit the refugee community. We met with representatives Robert Meza, Raquel Teran as well as Senator Tony Navarrete.

Also, I researched and applied for several grants for the organization. One of the grants we applied for was a foundation that supports disaster management programs, sustainable development and refugee support. I worked with the Executive Director at RICE to finalize the application. Therefore, through this experience I learned a lot about the grant application process, creating logistical frameworks for project planning and NGO funding. Lastly, I design infographics and newsletters for RICE. I helped launch their inaugural newsletter. The letters discussed the achievements of the organization and the services they offer. This experience helps me to improve my writing abilities and gain experience in organization marketing. I was able to acquaint myself with the service mail chimp. I worked on digital marketing campaigns for RICE, in which I created info graphics displaying information regarding their community development statistics and the services they offer. The customer facing fliers I created are attached below.

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