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My name is Andrew Dick, and I interned with RICE for around two months in the Fall Semester of 2020. I am currently in my 2nd year attending Thunderbird, School of Global Management with Arizona State University (ASU), and I will graduate May 10th of 2021. After graduation, I aspire to start my own venture, but also plan to apply to the Environmental Defense Fund for a second internship, and later apply to McKinsey for consulting.

While volunteering at RICE, I worked directly with Dominic Braham, RICE’s head Director. Being able to work directly with Dominic and be part of RICE has given me more confidence in myself as a professional and a real-world taste of the critical thinking skills I have learned in class. Being in operation since 2017, RICE can sometimes feel like a start-up venture, so be prepared to work on a variety of projects!

Dominic and I tended to jump from project to project that more or less directly impacted RICE from the top down. Many projects directly related to Dominic’s work in RICE’s growth strategy including: creating a workflow chart, creating a PowerPoint presentation for translation services roadmap and sales pitch decks, creating an infographic for dental services, as well as researching the steps for RICE to become HUD and CDFI certified. These projects all directly related with RICE’s future growth and gave me a wide variety of experiences from consulting, to analytical research, to marketing.

While I was there, Dominic always gave high praise to my work and was flexible around my school assignments. I couldn’t have asked for a kinder or more supportive director to work with in my role of intern, and I couldn’t ask for a better cause than uplifting those in need of help. Before leaving, Dominic let me know that I could intern as long or as little as I needed. While I would like to continue with RICE, the next semester at Thunderbird is for our Global Consulting Lab, which requires 100% attention. I am happy and grateful to have been given this opportunity. I would highly recommend RICE for anyone searching for an internship!

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