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” I recently received rental assistance through wildfire and boy did it help me ALOT. I applied in March when I was going through some COVID related issues, being out of work multiple times, multiple testings all while not getting paid through my employer and it put me in a deep hole with my rental property. The agent from Wildfire that I worked with was amazing with keeping me posted. RICE made sure he stayed on top of calling me with information and also gave me proof of the help I would receive to keep my rental office at ease. I was approved for one amount and was given over $400 extra because of the long process. Wildfire helped me clear my debt with my rental property and put me on a clean slate to move forward. Thank you so much Wildfire I would recommend your company to ANY and EVERYONE I know in need of assistance in the area. Your help and support was greatly appreciated.”

-TJ Lindsay, Community Member

” I just want to say, God bless RICE. They are a new nonprofit organization that are also out here helping many people, as well as families with rental and utility assistance. We need more places like RICE. The staff is very kind, courteous and swift about their business. I was in and out before I could believe it and with a sufficient amount of funds to help me with my situation.”

-Jonathan Howell, Community Member

“One of the greatest skills I’ve learned volunteering at the RICE Dental Clinic is learning to develop emotional intelligence. At times things can get a little hectic at the clinic, but it is in those moments where you learn to read a situation and properly react to continue to give patients and volunteers excellent dental experiences.”

– Zach, Dental Volunteer

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